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MSI P6N-SLI Platinum first look

Only three of the four phases are covered by the Heatpipe-Cooling system, introduced by ABIT a long time ago MSI P6N SLI Platinum most common on boards for the enthusiast and technophile markets. The pin power-plug is positioned on the outer edge on the right side of the board and guarantees easy accessibility but sadly the 8-pin EPS-plug is positioned most incontinently in the middle of the board, too close to the heat pipe, for my taste.

It will hinder airflow for most cooling solutions except top-blower CPU-coolers. You should first install the cooler and then plug-in the 8-pin power to avoid troubles while assembling your computer.

The black PCB and the muted colours are pleasant for the eyes, but the colour-scheme of the memory sockets may confuse the average Intel motherboard users. The same colour means that you are using a single channel not dual-channel.

Can MSI P6N SLI Platinum handle 2 x R9 280x (NOT CROSSFIRE)?

For a dual-channel MSI P6N SLI Platinum you must place one stick in each colour. The sockets have enough space to the first MSI P6N SLI Platinum x16 slot, so upgrading your memory can be done without removing your graphic-card. Right of the green memory sockets you'll find the CPU-fan-header, which is a quite uncommon position, but also very convenient when you have to change your fan. Of course you can boot from any SATA port so the numbering doesn't matter at all. MSI doesn't provide SATA-cables with fixing mechanism, so it may be possible the cables get loose during installation of a new graphic card or during transportation. I can't understand why MSI didn't find time to add a power-on switch as well, as you can see, it won't take much space.


The panel-connectors are colour-coded and labelled. The MSI P6N SLI Platinum will work with pin power suppliesbut older units are not designed to handle the power requirements of modern computers with multiple videocards.

Specification for P6N SLI Platinum Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design MSI USA

The user manual is well written, providing novice users with enough guidance to make it through hardware installation. MSI also provide a poster sized quick installation guide to get you started on the right path. Solid Capacitors in place of the Electrolytic variety Microstar Computer, the manufacturer MSI P6N SLI Platinum the P6N SLI Platinum, has chosen to equip this motherboard entirely with solid state capacitors as opposed to the electrolytic variety.

A few years back there was a huge problem with motherboards that were suffering from burst and leaking electrolytic capacitors. This industry-wide event blossomed into a full blown epidemic, and almost single handily dragged ABIT's name through the mud. The general consensus was that ABIT boards were most affected at the time. These are the same type of capacitors mostly found on videocards, or in the CPU's power supply circuitry. The gist of the situation is that MSI have produced a motherboard with only this kind of capacitor, because it improves overall stability of the motherboard as the years roll by. Being a solid-state device, MSI P6N SLI Platinum physical conditions which caused poor quality electrolytic capacitors to burst after 3 years are a non-issue. If you'd like to read up on the back story that led to the whole problem of burst and leaking caps, have a look at this PCSTATS article.

Update CPU Micro code. - Fixed system MSI P6N SLI Platinum resume from suspend by keyboard under DOS mode.

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- Fixed system lose audio channels after resume from. P6N SLI Platinum. Product Specifications; Detail; Datasheet.


Socket; CPU (Max Support); Baseclock/Hyper Transport; Chipset; DDR2 Memory; Memory Channel.

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