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It has an OLED display. Dream Property DreamBox DM7025 Media Player HD se was introduced in late Like the DM, it supports pluggable tuner modules. And it has USB 2. Originally announced to become available in the beginning ofits release date was pushed back. The product then began shipping on The planned features were revised as well. According to Dream Multimedia, it is a "totally new hardware and software product, combining all the features of the successful Dreambox series, and indeed will go beyond that".


Several modelsand use GStreamer as a multimedia framework. This configuration encourages enthusiasts to modify its functions, particularly in the form of so-called images.

Plug-ins[ edit ] There are also many third party addons and plugins available that will extend the functionality of the Dreambox. Some plugins are model specific, while others run on all boxes.

DREAM Multimedia DM7025+ TV-Receiver

Games are also abundant like Pac-Man and Tetris. Some Dreambox owners use these softcams in conjunction with card sharing software to access pay TV services without a subscription card inserted in every connected box. This practice may be illegal in some jurisdictions and third-party software for this purpose is neither officially endorsed nor supported by Dream Multimedia and voids the official warranty. Clones[ edit ] Clones of the DMS are wide spread.

They have a retail price approaching that of non-Linux receivers, generally a fraction of the Dreambox price. Since they contain a copy of the copyrighted original DM bootloader program, the legality of these devices is questionable. In AprilDream Multimedia allegedly introduced a time bomb into their latest flash to disable the boot loader on counterfeit models. Some enthusiasts have modified Enigma to make their own custom versions, which are also available for download.

Not that messing around with firmware is a prerequisite. New DM s come with the standard Enigma pre-installed so you can use Dream Property DreamBox DM7025 Media Player 'out-of-the-box' just like any other satellite receiver. Perpetual motion The satellite world, of course, is in a state of perpetual motion: Dream Multimedia's new DM looks identical to the original model, but the rear panel reveals that it now has two tuners. If you buy a version that only has the one, you'll be able to upgrade by filling the other socket in at a later date.

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Our review sample was pre-installed with two DVB-S tuners. Having both boosts the PVR's functionality because it means you can record one channel while watching another. As with the DMno hard drive is fitted. It's easy to fit your own, but if you're worried about doing the job yourself you'll be pleased to learn that some dealers sell these receivers with compatible drives already fitted. The DM is still so new - we got our mitts on one of the very first models available in the UK - that, at the time of writing, none of the third-party firmware that Dream Property DreamBox DM7025 Media Player the DM was yet available. Consequently, this review will focus on the Enigma firmware that ships with the unit. Note, too, that the DM uses different hardware to theso you won't be able to install firmware intended Dream Property DreamBox DM7025 Media Player use with the older model.

On either side of this are standby and channel change buttons, the only front-panel controls on offer. This means the remote, which was made by One For All and can be code-programmed to work your TV too, is essential for all but the most basic of tasks.

Dream Property Media blu-ray players device drivers from Dream Property source -

A flap that runs for much of the front panel's left side lowers to reveal a Compact Flash memory-card reader for upgrades, two card slots for emulated software CAMs or 'emus' and a CI slot for any CAMs you may have. If the DM is anything to go by, this situation will change rapidly.

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Ethernet port Unlike the average satellite receiver, the DM is equipped with a Mbps Ethernet port on its rear panel. This is fully IP-conversant and will communicate with a network, whether it's Internet-enabled or otherwise.

This gives rise to some useful functionality like FTP File Transfer Protocol and means you can receive firmware updates over the Internet. Both tuners, where fitted, have independent inputs and outputs.


Each is fed from a dish trained on a diff erent satellite or, in more advanced installations, from a dualoutput LNB on a motorised dish. If you only have a single output LNB, you can 'daisy-chain' the input of one from the other's output.

This, of course, means that you'll only be able to simultaneously watch and record channels of the same polarity and satellite. This giant metal-capped chip is clearly visible if you open the box to install the hard drive needed to timeshift radio and TV programmes.

This isn't supplied, but some dealers might fit one at an extra cost. Thankfully, the receiver is supplied with all of the bits and pieces needed to fit your own drive:Free Download Dream Property DreamBox DM Media Player Firmware (DVD / Blu-Ray / Media Players). Dream Property DreamBox DM HD Media Player Firmware Dream Property DreamBox DM Media Player Firmware

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