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Deliveries to foreign countries: We charge shipping costs for deliveries to foreign countries on the basis of the shipping weight: Shipping Cost Calculator Please select the destination country and enter a weight Emulex LPe11002 kg. Please enter a weight first. Shipping costs can not be calculated. Delivery periods Unless otherwise specified in the quote, domestic delivery of goods shall be made Germany within 2 - 3 days, for deliveries abroad within 3 - 7 days from conclusion of contract if advance payment agreed from the date of the payment instruction.

Please note that deliveries are not made on Sundays and other holidays. If you have ordered articles with different delivery dates, we send the articles together in one delivery if no other agreement has been made. Customers can obtain HBAs through a variety of sales channels and HBAs are often bundled with SAN storage and servers from either the server vendor or the storage vendor. The Emulex HBAs are widely available through many retail channels and are available through all the major server and storage vendors as part of a bundled SAN solution. The Brocade and HBAs are available through retail channels only. In addition to the form factor required for tower and rack servers, blade servers often have their own special form factor, requiring a somewhat specialized HBA. Emulex offers many HBAs Emulex LPe11002 a wide variety of bus-types and form factors as shown in the table below.

Operating Environment Support Fibre channel HBAs are deployed in a number Emulex LPe11002 operating environments and for many, a wide selection of Emulex LPe11002 solutions are required. HBA operating environment support includes the drivers required for that operating environment and the support for the management software application for the graphical user interface GUI and command-line CLI versions. The following tables compare the operating environment support for the two brands of HBAs.

Dell Emulex LPe-11002-E Details

Multipathing Support Multipathing is deployed in many Fibre Channel storage environments in order to provide more than one path between the server and the storage. This allows for failover in the event of a failure along one path and can provide for load balancing across multiple paths. HBAs are a part of Emulex LPe11002 complete multipathing solution and are typically certified to work with various multipathing solutions from operating system vendors, file system vendors, storage vendors and others.


The Emulex Emulex LPe11002 are certified to work with all the major multipathing solutions in the market today from server, storage and file system vendors. We did not find any major complete server-to-storage multipathing solution that has certified the Brocade HBAs as of this date.

In the installation test cases performed in our labs, the installation of the Emulex and Brocade HBA drivers and HBA management software was accomplished in under two minutes and no reboots were required, however the Brocade HBA management software installation required more interaction with the administrator. In our opinion, administrators in a large environment with many servers and HBAs will find that the Emulex approach is simpler and easier. This allows the management software to be installed before installing HBAs or allows for remote management of the HBAs from a system that will not have HBAs installed in it. In addition, Emulex allows the HBA drivers to also be pre-loaded. The Emulex technique of preloading of the entire HBA software stack allows system images to be taken in preparation for batch deployment to large numbers of servers.

This provides a consistent process and scales well to large environments. Emulex HBAnyware arrives prepackaged and is transparently deployed with the driver, in the span of a few mouse clicks. The drivers for the Brocade HBA are installed separately, and follow the standard process for installing drivers for the operating system. At first initialization, the Emulex HBAnyware software automatically and immediately discovered all the Emulex HBAs Emulex LPe11002 the local server and those visible in the Fibre Channel SAN from that host, without any manual intervention or mouse clicks.

This was a simple, one-step Emulex LPe11002. ESCM has a function to add remote hosts to its internal discovery list.

Emulex LPeE Details Dell Honduras

After adding the remote hosts, they are automatically discovered and added to the topology. This process of manually adding the remote hosts must performed on each host on which ESCM has been installed. Brocade provides a topology view in its opening screen. After remote hosts have been Emulex LPe11002, it identifies the HBAs in the local and remote hosts, and identifies the remote host names in the topology. A single click can switch between Host View and Fabric View as shown Emulex LPe11002.


Once discovered, the results are identical to the initial host view Emulex LPe11002 shown above. Brocade ESCM can be installed on a host that does not have Brocade HBAs installed, and it can manage remote hosts by adding the remote hosts as described previously.


HBA Management When clicking on an HBA on the left side of the menu structure, each product shows several tabs with various functions for daily or periodic management of HBA functions and parameters. Each product takes a different approach to many of the day-to-day HBA administrative tasks. Emulex LightPulse LPe and Emulex LPe11002. LPe ideal Emulex LPe11002 for enterprise and mixed-OS SAN environments. With powerful management tools. 4Gb Fibre Channel x 2. FC-AL-2, FC-FLA, FC-FS, FC-GS-4, FC-PH-3, FC-PI-2, FC-PLDA, FC-SP, FC-Tape, FCP HP-UX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, SunSoft Solaris.

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