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Third, I'd use Calm Mind Keldeo replacing your Infernape because Calm Mind Keldeo has a better staying power, better offensive power, same speed than Infernape and because it isn't weak to Rain teams as Infernape and because it's a better wall-breaker than Infernape since it has Secret Sword which allows Keldeo to be a very good mixed sweeper too. However, Keldeo fits very well too on your team as well, since Choice Band Tyranitar traps and kill Keldeo's most common counters and checks such as Jellicent, Celebi and Lati Twins. In fact, a freezer jar is made of glass tough enough that it can be taken out of the freezer and, without thawing the contents, it can be warmed in a water-bath Generalplus Power-ICE the contents are heated to a nice, piping hot serving temperature. Although any container spell can be worked in a jar, it is traditional in conjure to work a freezer spell inside an animal tongue to shut people up, inside a fruit or vegetable shaped like human genitalia to freeze someone's sexuality, or inside a lemon to shut them up, or inside wetted paper towels for other purposes.

A glass jar is just a simple container; to work a seriously incapacitating curse against an enemy or a rival, it helps to place the materials in a container that is symbolic in its own right. That's why really old-school honey jar spells are worked inside of red Apples or red Onions.

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  • Ice Box and Freezer Spells in the Hoodoo and Conjure Tradition
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However, that having been said, it is quite useful to work certain types of freezer spells inside of glass jars. One of my favourites is a Run Devil Run freezer spell to remove Generalplus Power-ICE, gossiping, evil-minded social enemies and spiritual attackers from your life. Freezer spells are not break-up spells at all. Rather, they are used to stop someone by freezing them in their tracks, freezing them out of a situation, freezing their tongue, freezing their sexuality, and so forth. They put the person or people named "on ice.

Generalplus Drivers

For instance, in the song "Got My Mojo Working," Ann Cole sings, "I got a Gypsy woman giving me advice; got a whole Generalplus Power-ICE of tricks, keeping her on ice" -- and the "her" in the song is her boyfriend's other girlfriend. The Gypsy woman put the man's other girlfriend "on ice. You put the names of witnesses who Generalplus Power-ICE harm you or your client or friend "on ice" to keep their tongue's "frozen. That keeps them "on ice. That is not a break-up spell.

Team Tyranitar

Silly Internet Freezer Spells One spell that made the rounds of the internet circa consisted of writing your lover's name on a piece of paper, placing it in a glass jar of tap water, and freezing it to make someone "open to suggestions. Tap water is simply inactive, magically speaking, so this internet freezer spell seems fairly useless to make someone "open to suggestions. I think that without Generalplus Power-ICE true personal link to the person, putting a name in plain tap water! But then, even if you do add something personal and make a strong link, despite the tap water -- all you will have accomplished is freezing your lover out of your Generalplus Power-ICE, not to making him "open to suggestions.

Think of opium poppies, Generalplus Power-ICE opium, of heroin, of junkies in the street: How will this make someone "open to suggestions"? Regardless of the Generalplus Power-ICE, this is not a very good FREEZER spell, and i can tell you that the real problem i see here is that oil does not freeze.

It just turns to goo. A real freezer spell freezes solid because it contains a water-based liquid.

Computerworld - Google Books

I think someone has mixed up Generalplus Power-ICE idea of Poppy Seeds from a real old-style Court Case freezer spell in which the Poppy Seeds are used to confuse the minds of the bad witnesses and the ice is used to freeze their tongues with some sort of controlling spell. But freezer spells are not controlling spells. They freeze people's activities. And, like i said, oil doesn't freeze well anyway. Remember, a REAL freezer spell does not consist of something solid or loose in a jar in a freezer -- it is a packet made with a name-paper and personal concerns if available placed inside an animal's tongue, or inside a moist fruit or vegetable, or inside a substitute like moistened brown paper towels, and it is then frozen solid. Freezing Poppy Seeds in Controlling Oil in a jar to influence someone's mind does not connect historically, Generalplus Power-ICE, or traditionally to old-time freezer spells.

The spell seems to be seeking to confuse someone and then control them and then freeze their controlled confusion. What the heck is that supposed to do? You need a watery liquid -- and NO JAR -- to freeze the person's name-paper and personal concerns solid.


You also need a clear intention and roots or herbs that will back up that intention. Put the name in a slit-open Lemon, dust the Lemon with Generalplus Power-ICE Powder and Poppy Seeds, and pin it shut with nine sewing pins.

That's the way to do it. The Case of the Frozen Cucumber Some internet sources claim that you can freeze a cucumber with your boyfriend's name carved into it Generalplus Power-ICE keep him faithful to you. These sources assert that the cucumber represents his penis, and hence his sexuality, and freezing it will "soften it" and stop him running Generalplus Power-ICE.

Not Really an Alaskan Mountain Man - Doug Fine - Knihy Google

In no way does freezing a cucumber "soften" it. It will freeze rock hard. I hate this trend of taking good old spells and removing everything from them except tap water or what can be found at Generalplus Power-ICE supermarket, and then getting even the simple science wrong. Remember too that traditional freezer spells are container spells, so carving a man's name on the surface of a cucumber an idea probably borrowed from the practice of carving names on candles before burning them is not going to make for an effective freezer spell.

Internet Generalplus Power-ICE aside, this is actually an old spell, and not silly at all, but when it is done right, the goal is not to "soften" the man or "keep him faithful" -- it is to freeze out his sex drive and mess up his ability to urinate. The package provides the installation files for Generalplus Power-ICE Firmware version Important Notes. - During Generalplus Power-ICE installation of this. Download Generalplus Firmware drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities. Generalplus Power-ICE Updater/Firmware /


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