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February Added errata items 11, 12, and Modifications April Removed errata items 2 and 4, updated errata item 6, and added errata items 12, 13, and August Added documentation change items 2 and 3; updated errata item September Added documentation change item 4. January Added documentation change item 5. March Added errata items Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX May Added errata items Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX characterized errata are documented in this. Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel products.

No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document. Intel products are not intended for use in medical, life saving, or life sustaining applications. Intel may make changes Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice.

  • Intel Server Board SAH/SRAH/SRAHLX/SRHAHLX Bios – 53 – Win All
  • Download Intel Server Sah Srah Srahlx Srhahlx Bios R54 For Wind Driver Download
  • Intel Server Board S3000AH/SR1530AH/SR1530AHLX/SR1530HAHLX Bios
  • Download Intel Server S3000ah Sr1530ah Sr1530ahlx Sr1530hahlx Bios R54 For Wind Driver Download
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Contact your local Intel sales office or your distributor to obtain the latest specifications and before placing your Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX order. It is intended for hardware system manufacturers and software developers of applications, operating systems, or tools.

It will contain specification changes, specification clarifications, errata, and document changes. These changes will be incorporated in a future release of the given document. These clarifications will be incorporated in a future release of the given document. These documents may include Product Specs and Users Guides. Hardware and software designed to be used with any given processor stepping must assume that all errata documented Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX that processor stepping are present on all devices.


Intel intends to fix some of the specified errata in future updates to the server board and system. Documentation changes will be made in future updates to the given document. The tables use the following notations: Intel intends to update the appropriate document in a future revision. Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX is investigating the issue. Intel intends to fix this erratum in a future update of the board or chassis. This erratum has been addressed. There are no plans to fix this erratum. This erratum is either new or has been modified from the previous specification update.

Tested Processor List for Intel® Server Board SAH and Intel®

Plans Description of Errata 1. NoFix User defined provision server parameters need to be set again after an AC power cycle. Fixed Intel System Management Software 1. Fix The front panel power LED remains on when the system is powered off. The errata and documentation change numbers below correspond to the numbers in the tables. Intel will support Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX processors with PBA number Dxxxxx and later. Please see PCN for details.

Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX Brief procedure is as follows: User defined provision server parameters need to be set again after an AC power cycle. After an AC power cycle, the user defined server IP address and port setting values change to default settings. These parameters are stored in volatile memory. After an AC power cycle, the information in volatile memory is erased.

Tested Processor List for Intel® Server Board S3000AH and Intel® Server System SR1530AH Families

After an AC power cycle, these parameters will need to be reset to user defined values. This erratum will not be fixed.

Intel AMT is not available without the driver installed for these two devices. After extracting the LAN driver package, the. Customers who downgrade the BIOS to a version earlier than R34 may find that the system will not boot. BIOS boot timeout value is not Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX. After saving the changes made to boot timeout value and resetting, the boot timeout value still has the default setting.

Users will not be able to adjust BIOS boot timeout value. Through the Intel AMT web page, customers can only obtain hard disk drive asset information when the drive is configured in non-raid mode. Intel® Server Systems SRAH, SRAHLX and SRHAHLX. Intel® Server System SRHAHLX P7 Hot-swap Intel Server S3000AHSR1530AHSR1530AHLXSR1530HAHLX Power The Intel® Server Board SAH supports one PCI Express* riser slot.

Intel® Server System SRAH / SRAHLX / SRHAHLX User's Guide. Server Board SAH or SAHLX, installed in the server system.

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