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Plus, the Horizon 2 automatically switches to the HDMI-in input when a device such as a Blu-ray player is plugged in, even when the main system isn't powered up. Lenovo picked a screen touting excellent color for video and gaming, with wide viewing angles.

Although the Horizon 2 generally looks decent, my main issues are with the power and volume buttons on the right side. They are a little too small and feel kind of cheap.

There's also a millimeter gap between the screen and the frame where the power LED shines through, which is the one fly in the ointment. A wireless mouse and keyboard set comes with the system, but both need some getting used to. While the slim aluminum keyboard looks sleek and has a nice weighted topkeys — such as the Caps Lock, Tab, Right Lenovo Horizon 2 27, and Backspace — are all half sized.

Technical Details

Furthermore, the Home keys are arranged in a single slim column. Meanwhile, the full sized mouse has some sort of silicone surface applied to it that makes it feel gummy. It attracts dust and dirt that you can feel under your fingertips when you use the scroll pad. Amid gobs of storage 1TB, if you're countingthe Horizon 2 offers plenty of connectivity as well. This last one is important — mostly because there's no built-in memory card reader: Pushing against the top of the system lowers it until the kickstand locks into place and automatically launches the pre-installed Aura 2. The system can run Lenovo Horizon 2 27 battery power for about 1 hour and 40 minutes if left idle, which is reduced to about an hour or so with heavy use.

Lenovo Horizon 2 Table PC Multi-User Fun Lenovo Australia

With the battery life in mind, and how the system weighs about 16 pounds, you're probably not going to take it very far, but it's certainly worth a trip from the office to the living room. Alternatively, there is a stand that can be purchased separately for the Horizon 2 so Lenovo Horizon 2 27 the computer can be used in easel mode or flat for a genuine table look. A Weak Aura The Aura 2.


Friends and family can come together to manipulate photos, watch videos, listen to music, or play games. People with NFC devices can transfer media to the computer by touching it against the screen. Unfortunately, although the Aura 2. It's not a deal-breaker Lenovo Horizon 2 27 you need a color-calibrated display. There's a Windows button below the display in case you want to get back to the Start screen quickly.

Lenovo Horizon 2 Multimode Table PC Lenovo US

The high end all-in-one Editors' Choice Apple iMac with 5k Retina Display also Lenovo Horizon 2 27 a inch screen, but Lenovo Horizon 2 27 5,by-2, resolution as well as the regular inch iMac's 2,by-1, display show much smoother text and more detail in pictures and ultra HD videos. The sound from the speakers is clear, but not loud enough to fill a medium-size room. It shouldn't be a problem in a quiet den, but you may have trouble if you're trying to hear dialogue in a room with children playing in it or on an outdoor patio. When you push the PC down into a horizontal position, the Aura Windows overlay starts up.

A puck-like controller will then appear and give you access to visual media like photos and videos. Aura, which we saw on the original Horizon and the Lenovo IdeaCentre Flex 20simulates a photographer's light table or layout board, and you can view photos and videos by dragging and resizing them on the screen. The Aura interface also gives you quick access to touch-sensitive games.

Lenovo includes a Lenovo Horizon 2 27 of joystick controllers and air hockey style paddles for playing these games. An electronic 6-sided die Lenovo calls it E-dice lets you roll a physical die in the real world, and the system recognizes it and moves your virtual game piece over the rolled number of spaces. Though it's nice to be able to share and view pictures by flinging them around on a virtual surface, competitors like the Dell XPS 18our Editors' Choice portable all-in-one desktop, work equally well when lying flat in front of you while you play games like Monopoly on the screen.

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There are three USB 3. That leaves you only two USB ports for the E-dice controller, your smartphone, and any hard drives or USB sticks you plan to connect to the system.

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Lisa Gade reviews the Lenovo Horizon 2, a 27” All-in-One PC and “table PC” as Lenovo calls it. Though fairly. The Lenovo Horizon 2 is a reinvention of the home PC, doubling as an all-in-one and a game table capable of taking input from Lenovo Horizon 2 27 users.

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