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M M L M There isn't too much info.

I see there are a few Canadians here with this model who can maybe set me straight. It is now on clearance at Staples and has been pulled from their site so not much to look at. Wise choice or should I be looking for something else Asus wise? Hello, I am new too and I am MSI GT685(GT685R) Notebook Realtek Card Reader, that's hard for me some time for read and undersrtand all of what you said but I have buy the same model, and I have one little question.


Any of you who have buy the Staples version can use the 3D vision wirless glasses? I have call Nvidia for verified if I can use with my model the 3d glasses and they do not think so, they tel me to call my asus seller for verified but as you know at Staples they look on google for answer almost all your question. So I have no idea if I can buy those glasses and use them or not.

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They also have a 3D icon near the camera and typically have a 3DE in the model and come with glasses. CosmicCat also good advice -- new models seldom have unimprovements AnyThing you dont understand This sounds like a little better deal.


Isnt that comparing StrawBerries and Garlic??? Only for your reference. The specifications may differ from areas.

Please check with your local dealers. But your point is well, well taken Lets get ROG'n City Builder While it is labeled as a gaming laptop, it's really far from it with today's games, at least mine is.

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Don't get me wrong I love my laptop as it affords me the ability to move around with a computer by my side, however if the main intention is to be able to play video games with good performance and visual quality, this laptop just doesn't cut it. When I bought it, it was a spur of the moment decission and since Best Buy is the only local store in town where I live, and this was the closest to a gaming laptop that could be bought locally, I bought it. I'm not sorry that I did, just wish it could live up to the handle of being a gaming laptop MSI GT685(GT685R) Notebook Realtek Card Reader me.

On almost all of today's modern games that I've tried on it, I've either had to lower the visual quality to what I consider to be an unacceptable level, or play with unacceptable frame rate. About the only games that run acceptably on it, are games like Minecraft or Terraria, neither of which tax most older computers anyway. Anyway, I second that you should thoroughly check out every aspect of your laptop, including writing a good amount of data MSI GT685(GT685R) Notebook Realtek Card Reader the hard drives. On my laptop the 2nd gb hard drive was dead within 5 hours after first starting my G74sx.

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Other than that, there has been no physical problems with this unit which makes me happy. So, I bought the laptop to be able to have better performance and visual quality than my desktop and use it almost exclusively for gaming, and use my desktop the old faithful workhorse as my work computer. But it turns out it's the opposite and the laptop is now almost exclusively left to work and the desktop to gaming, which makes me sad. MSI GT685(GT685R) Notebook Realtek Card Reader

MSI GT685 / GT685R Notebook Windows 7 Drivers, Applications, Manuals

I know, I MSI GT685(GT685R) Notebook Realtek Card Reader sound like Cybil with 9 different personalities what with being happy and sad, but I hope that one day I'll find a real gaming laptop that can play today's games with good quality visuals and good frame rates too. I've even gone so far as to wipe the drives and fresh install Win 7 with just the absolute necessary ASUS software for the laptop to run, and while it starts into Windows 7 very fast definitely faster than my desktop that hasn't had a refresh in close to a year nowit's still not capable of gaming with good visuals and good performance.

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But hey, gaming may not be the OP's thing so what I've written may well not even apply to them, but I thought I'd temper what you may have read on this forum about how great these laptops are for gaming, because in my opinion, they're really not, however they may well be the best thing on the market in this price range. I don't really know since I've not invested the time to look further into what was available on the market in laptops for gaming, as it would just give me one more personality to sadden me. Anyway, I hope you have better experience with your new laptop than I've had with mine regarding gaming, not over all function, since it MSI GT685(GT685R) Notebook Realtek Card Reader good as a workhorse computer.

Oh and don't get me wrong, it's got a whole lot of niceties regardless whether it were a desktop unit or a laptop, like the lighted keyboard love that and the rpm HDD's, and the clarity of the images on the screen to me is really fantastic amongst many other nice features. Free Download MSI GT(GTR) Notebook Realtek Card Reader Driver for Windows 7 x64 (Card Readers). MSI GT Notebook.

Download MSI GT (GTR) Laptop Windows 7 32/64bit Drivers, Software and Card Reader7. Card Reader.


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