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Byte 3 Y Movement The movement counters are 9-bit 2's complement integers, where the most significant bit appears as a sign bit in Byte 1 of the movement data packet.

These counters are updated when the mouse reads its input and finds movement has occurred. Their value is the amount of movement that has occurred since the last movement data packet was sent to the host ie, after a packet is sent to the host, the movement counters are reset. As I mentioned earlier, the movement counters are reset whenever a movement data packet is successfully sent to the host. They are also reset after the mouse receives any command from the host other than the Microsoft IntelliPoint (PS2) Mouse 0xFE command.

Data reporting is handled according to the mode in which the Microsoft IntelliPoint (PS2) Mouse is operating. There are four standard modes of operation: Stream - This is the default mode after Reset finishes executing and is the mode in which most software uses the mouse. If the host has previously set the mouse to Remote mode, it may re-enter Stream mode by sending the "Set Stream Mode" 0xEA command to the mouse.


Remote - Remote mode is useful in some situations and may be entered by sending the "Set Remote Mode" 0xF0 command to the mouse. Wrap - This mode isn't particularly useful except for testing the connection between the mouse and its host. If the "Reset" 0xFF command is recieved, the mouse will enter Reset mode.

The mouse may also enter "extended" modes of operation, as described later in this document. The mouse enters reset mode at power-on or in response to the "Reset" 0xFF command. After entring this mode, the mouse performs a diagnostic self-test referred to as BAT Basic Assurance Test and sets the follwing default values: If the host receives a response other than 0xAA, it may cycle the mouse's power supply, causing the mouse to reset and re-execute its BAT. This distinguishes it from a keyboard, or a mouse in an extended mode. I have read documents saything the host is not supposed to transmit any data until it receives Microsoft IntelliPoint (PS2) Mouse device ID. Read Resolution Mode setting When preceded by an 8-bit request number encoded via four e8 commands, the f3 14 set sample rate 20 command sets the mode byte to the encoded number.

Thus on Touchpads 4. Older models have more mode bytes and several such commands.

PS/2 Mouse Interfacing

Recognizing all of these is a very obscure activity. Moreover, recognizing these may be counterproductive: This leads to non-functioning mice.


A Logitech file describes the following procedure for recognizing the mouse type: The reply is ignored. Most common is aa Send f3 0a f2: If the reply is 02, we have a trackball - it has its own protocol. The usual reply is Send e8 00 e6 e6 e6 e9: The reply consists of three bytes s1 s2 s3. An old-fashioned mouse would report 0 in the second status byte s2 since that is the resolution and we just set it. If s2 is nonzero then: If s1 and s2 are zero but s3 Microsoft IntelliPoint (PS2) Mouse 0a, suspect Alps.

Download Microsoft IntelliPoint 8.0 Mouse Software 64bit from Official Microsoft Download Center

If bit 7 of s1 is set, or if we suspect Alps, send e8 00 e7 e7 e7 e9: Microsoft IntelliPoint Mouse Software for Windows - 64 bit. NEW Surface Pro 6 · NEW Surface Laptop Microsoft IntelliPoint (PS2) Mouse · NEW Surface Go · Xbox One X. Version software supporting Microsoft USB mice.

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