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This reduces the data storage requirements to only around MB for an hour of video. You can then edit the video at this lower quality, and then create the final production by re-accessing only the required clips of the original video at full quality.

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Finally, the Studio products are bundled with a good collection of application software, including Pinnacle's own PCTV Systems 320e USB Stick consumer video editor, TitleDeko titling software, and Sonic Desktop SmartSound music generator. Even just one full-size video frame is around 1 MB, and video keeps on flowing frames at 30 frames per second. After you finish editing your video, you can also output it back to analog recorders like a camcorder or VCR. Pinnacle estimates that every 10 minutes of captured video requires MB to 3. It provides ports for controlling your DV or Digital8 camcorder, capturing video and audio from your digital camcorder to your PC for editing, and also transferring the video back from your PC to the camcorder to save the final edited production.

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Even though DV is a compressed format, storing video in DV format still requires a lot of space. DV format is x resolution and 30 frames per second, and around MB per minute.

It captures the video in "preview" quality to save disk space for editing, requiring only around MB for an hour of video. After you finish editing, Studio DV then recaptures only the clips needed for the final production at full quality. Pinnacle estimates that every 20 minutes of "preview" video requires 50 MB of disk space, and every 20 minutes of the final production requires 4 GB. The easiest way to hook up to a PC is through an external port, like parallel or USB, but the reduced data rate makes these appropriate only for lower-resolution lower-rate video for PC presentations or Web use. An external video capture box can be enhanced with hardware compression to support higher resolution or faster frame rates.

Parallel ports are still used mostly for PCTV Systems 320e USB Stick, but have been extended over the years to provide two-way communication and higher data rates. The problem with parallel interfaces is that your parallel port is typically already in use for your printer and maybe also a scannerso you may need to swap devices, or make sure you get a device that has a pass-through connection to hook up your printer at the same time. Even so, parallel ports were really not designed for sharing in this way, so your system needs to be configured properly, and still can get confused if you try to do more than one thing at a time with it.

This is a MPEG-1 compression box that connects to your PC's parallel port, so you do not have to open up your case and mess with installing a board. With its half-resolution capture size x and x resolution, up to 30 frames per second and MPEG-1 compression, it can store an hour of video in around MB of disk space. The Studio MP10 also includes analog video and audio output, so you can save your edited video back to analog camcorders and VCR's. On output, it uses a MPEG-1 hardware decoder to filter the video up to x resolution. Pinnacle estimates that every 10 minutes of captured video requires - MB of disk space. Parallel Tape-to-Tape Editing Another approach to video editing is to not build the final production in digital form on your PC, but to edit from tape to tape, as in professional video editing studios.

The way the professionals do this is to create an edit list of all the material and effects to be used in the production, and then have the editing system execute the edit list using computer-controlled frame-accurate professional VCR's. It uses the Pinnacle SmartCapture technology to capture low-resolution video for editing without filling up your hard disk, and then executes the resulting edit list on the analog video by copying between an input camcorder and an output VCR.

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The Studio includes a "SmartCable" device that connects to the PC's serial port and controls a camcorder and a VCR using standard interfaces or remote control signals. It also includes a "Studio Mixer" module that connects to the PC's parallel port, with analog composite PCTV Systems 320e USB Stick S-Video inputs and outputs. In Capture mode, the Studio Mixer captures low-resolution video for editing. In Make Tape mode, the Studio Mixer passes the input video on to the output recorder, and applies title, graphics, and transition effects at full video resolution. The input video is captured at x resolution at 15 frames per second, and compressed in the Intel Indeo format. Pinnacle estimates that a half hour of captured PCTV Systems 320e USB Stick requires only 75 to MB of disk space.

You can also use it for videoconferencing over the Internet. It has inputs for antenna, composite, and S-Video, so it can capture from any source, including broadcast TV, cable, PCTV Systems 320e USB Stick, and VCR's. It can capture at up to x resolution, depending on your PC's capabilities.

USB is fast enough to support interesting PC-resolution video. It formally describe be at the. Je suis chez ma copine, j'ai pris ma carte TV mais pas le cd de drivers. Salve, ho una scheda tv della pinnalce non l'avessi mai PCTV Systems 320e USB Stick, hanno davvero un software scadente, poco pratico e loro sono molto molto scorretti e sto cercando di farla funzionare su Vista Ultimate 64 Bit ma ogni volta che avvio il pionnacle center PRo mi dice che ho bisogno del framework. Procuro driver pinnacle systems gmbh, pctv usb2 ntsc rev: Device drivers are required for the computer hardware to operate correctly. A "driver" is defined as the "software interface that allows the operating system to communicate with the. I actually bought it for my laptop which is running Windows Vista Home.


This site maintains listings of video and graphics drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes links to useful resources. Most SYS files allow internal PC hardware or attached hardware, such as a printer, PCTV Systems 320e USB Stick communicate with third-party software programs eg. Devices this driver supports: The files contained in this package are hardware drivers only. PCTV Analog Pro USB (e), Driver(32&64bit) for XP and Vista, Download. PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick (e), Driver(32&64bit) for XP, Vista, Win7 (!no 64bit). Dazzle*TV Digital Diversity Stick.

Digital e. EOL. Windows7 32bit. . Dazzle*TV Hybrid Stick.

Hybrid. e.

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EOL. Pinnacle PCTV External USB.

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