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The electronic book reader device has a non-symmetric shape designed to approximate the feel of an open paperback book. To improve user interaction, two displays are mounted in the eBook reader device, one to present the text or graphic content and a second display to support user interface functions such as navigation, command entry, browsing, lookup functions, or the like. The eBook reader device is further equipped with a QWERTY keyboard with a unique key arrangement that facilitates improved user entry when the user is holding the device. A page turner is also provided on the eBook reader device to allow the user to turn pages with a familiar tactile motion. These and other aspects are described below in various example implementations of an electronic device that presents electronic books, news print, electronic magazines, RSS feeds, or other forms of media HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband.

More specifically, the description herein provides a non-limiting implementation of an electronic device in the form of an electronic book reader device. It is further noted that various aspects and features described herein may be implemented in other electronic devices or electronic readers besides eBook reader devices including, for example, portable computers, personal digital assistants PDAsportable gaming devices, wireless phones, and the like. In one possible implementation, the device is embodied as a handheld eBook reader device. The non-symmetrical shape enables the eBook reader device to approximate the feel of a paperback book that is bound along its HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband side.


As a human reader progresses through a physical paperback book, he or she may fold the read pages back around the bound spine and tuck them underneath the book. Overtime, the paperback book takes on a somewhat wedge-shaped configuration as more pages are folded back in this manner. This shape will be more readily apparent with reference to FIGS. The eBook reader device has a body or housinga keyboardand a dual display system comprised of a first display HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband a second display The housing may be formed of plastic, aluminum, or other suitable material.

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The housing may be textured or otherwise provided with tactile features to enhance gripping by a human user. Additionally, the housing may be of one-piece construction, or may be assembled from a plurality of sub-components or sub-portions. The device keyboard includes a plurality of keys. In the illustrated implementation, the keyboard includes at least 26 alphabet keys arranged in a QWERTY format as well as other function keys such as space bar, control keys, function keys, and so forth.

It is noted that the keyboard may include other arrangements of the 26 alphabet keys that do not conform to the QWERY layout. The keys are separated into two groups including a first or left-side group of keys A and a second or right-side group of keys B. The key groups A and B are separated by a space or open region Individual keys are sized to accommodate a user's thumb or finger. While the keys are arranged in horizontal rows, individual keys are rotated within the rows HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband that keys in adjacent rows lie along arcuate paths. The key orientation facilitates ergonomic operation by a user's thumbs when the user is grasping the two lower corners of the device The keyboard and key orientation are described below in more detail with reference to FIGS.

The first display in the dual display system presents content in a human-readable format to the user.

The content presented in the first display may take the form of electronic books, newspapers, or other readable or viewable materials. For example, the display provides the text of the electronic books and also depicts any illustrations, tables, or graphic elements that might be contained in the electronic books.

In one implementation, the content display employs display technology with a relatively slow refresh rate in exchange for a relatively low rate of power consumption. This tradeoff serves to maximize battery life. Further, since the display may be used to depict electronic books, the HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband is relatively static and hence a slow-refresh rate technology may be suitable for implementing the display In some implementations, the display is not responsive to user input.

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As one example, the display may be implemented using electronic paper display technology. In general, an electronic paper display is one that has a high resolution dpi or better and is bi-stable, meaning that it is capable of holding text or other rendered images even when very little or no power is supplied to the display.

The electronic paper display technology may also exhibit high contrast substantially equal to that of print on paper. Some exemplary electronic paper displays that may be used with the implementations described herein include bi-stable LCDs, MEMS, cholesteric, pigmented electrophoretic, and others. One exemplary electronic paper display that may be used is an E Ink-brand display. The second display of the dual display system is a narrow screen located adjacent to the content display The narrow display is illustrated as being positioned to the right of the content displayalthough it may be located elsewhere in the housing HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband other implementations. The narrow display screen may be responsive to user input registered via, for example, a finger, a stylus, or other similar pointing device.


Additionally, the narrow display screen may enable presentation of graphic elements that correspond to content displayed in the content display These graphic elements may be selected by the user in order to select the corresponding content in the displayas described further below. The narrow display screen provides many diverse functions. For instance, it may present a form of user interface that enables the user to command the device to turn pages of text, scroll up or down pages of text, zoom in or zoom out, navigate to other locations in the book, or the like. In possible implementations, the narrow display may be broken into segments or zones, with different ones of the segments or zones corresponding HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Qualcomm Mobile Broadband user input in different ways.

For example, the user might tap one part of the narrow display to scroll in one direction, and may tap another part of the narrow display to scroll in another direction. Device: Qualcomm Mobile Broadband Drivers - Gobi HP Mini EP PC HP Mini EP PC HP Mini VT CTO Vivienne Tam Edition PC HP Mini VT CTO Vivienne Tam.

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