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Tenda TWL108C WLANSpecifications
ASRock E350M1 MotherboardSager NP5797 GPU heat issues

It's subdued, but still enough that people standing around when you pull it out, are going to notice it's not an A-typical computer. Usage wise, the orange doesn't distract as it is largely limited to your peripheral vision. As to durability, I've tried scratching the orange trim with a finger nail and it showed no signs of chipping or damage. So it can transition from work to play without appearing out out of place. Around the screen bezel when the unit is open, is black matte colored plastic with silver highlights in the screen mounted camera and lid locks. Directly around the screen itself in a recessed groove is glossy black plastic. The lid design in general is good, with stiff hinges and pressing lightly on the outside parts of the lid does not cause Sager NP5797 Hotkey distortion on the screen.

The screen is Sager NP5797 Hotkey fairly resistant to twisting from the edges. Around the screen on the interior, you have seven rubber feet that press against the main body when the screen is closed.

Sager NP5797

This helps prevent key indentations in the screen as well as reduces wobble or shaking if you would be traveling with the notebook. One thing of note with the screen hardware, is the lid latches. The latch on the left side isn't really a latch, it's a lid lock. The right Sager NP5797 Hotkey latch is and operates as a standard latch with spring.


The lid lock is a nice feature if you travel or I'd imagine bounce your laptop around a lot in transit. It's neither a laptop seller nor a hindrance. Just nice if you need it, ok if you don't. Continuing down to the keyboard surface area, directly under the middle of the screen are four buttons. The three on the left are programmable hotkey buttons; these could be used for one touch access to an E-mail application, or web page, perhaps even an audio file. To the right of these is the power Sager NP5797 Hotkey. This seems to be of adequate size and it lights up a bright tech blue. Around the Sager NP5797 Hotkey and touchpad, there is a section of plastic that looks textured, and is actually a fine checkerboard pattern molded into the main chassis plastic.

So this is all one piece, not separate.

Download Sager NP HotKey Utility for Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit

Oddly enough, it serves a secondary function of letting you know when you've run off the edge of the touchpad. Outside of the checkerboard pattern you have a Sager NP5797 Hotkey, yet matte surface plastic which is used for the majority of the upper surfaces, palm rests, and the chassis.


This is a smooth, strong plastic, which is good, since attempting to flex the Sager NP5797 Hotkey as a whole produces no noticeable warping or flex. You'd have to put some muscle into bending it, to get it to budge.

Very solid overall and it provides the impression that the plastics used may Sager NP5797 Hotkey a composite material. At this time I don't have reason to believe this plastic is painted, the color appears to be naturally part of the blend.

This is also a benefit over a painted laptop, such as the Dell Inspironsince the palm rests on the Dell were worn through to the body over the course of a year. Very unsightly, costly, and doesn't help the resale value when it happens. Down Sager NP5797 Hotkey the front edge of the laptop you have your audio ports for Line In, Headphones, Microphone, and Digital. Placement Sager NP5797 Hotkey, these are ok for quick hook ups and general use like at a desk or station.

They are not good for if you have the laptop in your lap, and have headphones plugged in. You're more likely to be bumping the plug end into the notebook. Also along the front end is your system lights.

These are small lights, ranging in yellow to amber depending on the status. I'm a bit more used to Sager NP5797 Hotkey lights being up near the screen, so it's a bit odd to have to look under your right wrist to see what is going on.

Sager NP (METU) with GTX M - User Review NotebookReview

Otherwise they serve their purpose and work fine. Lastly, on the right edge, you have your built in system microphone. It won't replace a headset microphone, but it's there if you need it in a pinch. Along the right side, there are the following ports: ExpressCard slot, 7 in 1 card reader, two USB 2. Note that the TV Tuner card, isn't installed, just the jack is filling the hole and the wiring is run if you get the urge to put one in later. This package contains the files for installing the Sager NP5797 Hotkey Utility.


If this package has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) this package. Sager Notebooks is a premium gaming laptop brand for gaming enthusiast looking for custom gaming laptops and notebooks. Browse Sager NP5797 Hotkey our selection of.

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