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The South Korean company fuses performance and battery life in an ultra slim and undoubtedly elegant case made of Duraluminum. Read in this review, if Samsung has launched its first ultrabook onto the market with the X1B and if the Apple MacBook Air 11 has to reinforce its efforts. A slim case made of a rather unknown material called Duraluminum, a good computing performance, a corresponding battery life and last but not least, a Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN screen are the basis for a successful subnotebook.

Awe was followed by disappointment because the smaller X1B was to be exclusively sold on the US market for the time being. About six months after the CES the kick-off for the smallest representative of the series was given in Germany.

Series 9 Notebook 900X1A

This also applies to the innards and the offered features. The scope of interfaces has been reduced to the basics, but is nevertheless state of the art with USB 3. A trend besides 3D and various smartphones, Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN, was certainly the ultrabook device category initiated by Intel. Among them, various devices with The Samsung X1B plays in just this league and is immediately available. The other manufacturers can't serve with this. Samsung has not presented its own ultrabook until now. Our sample, X1B-A02, goes over the counter Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN euros RRP and is located exactly in the targeted price range for this new device category.

Case There's no doubt that Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN polarizes with the Series 9's design. The all over black case looks elegant and timeless. The silver case's beveled edges provide a nice accent. The material of choice for this subnotebook is also the alloy, Duraluminum, which proves to have a higher torsional stiffness than pure aluminum.

The design makes a consistent impression. This is especially due to the fact that the same material was used, with exception of the display's bezel. A point of criticism must however be applied: The matt brushed surfaces are very susceptible for fingerprints and not as easy to clean as the glossy bezel or the keyboard bed.

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Samsung has naturally hidden the interfaces, whereby the wobbly lid made of simple plastic doesn't fit into the overall image. The case's stability is impressive at this low height and total weight. The keyboard and wrist rest yield slightly, while Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN under strong, selective pressure. The display lid can't continue the image. It can be easily twisted and waves develop on the screen. They consequently interfere the LEDs' lighting when pressure is applied to the outside.

Series 9 Notebook X1A Samsung Support Singapore

You should treat the screen with the utmost care because creaking noises can be heard when it's twisted. This could consequently lead to a crack. A look at the total weight shows that Samsung's subnotebook is a true lightweight with a mere 1. For comparison, Lenovo's ThinkPad Xe is 1. The case's bottom shows itself sealed.

Nevertheless, it can be opened after removing eight screws that are smartly hidden beneath rubber feet and many hooks. The inside is dominated by a big 4 cell battery. The RAM is soldered directly onto the motherboard and can't be replaced. Connectivity Samsung also conceals the ports behind two covers on the case's right and left sides on this device. In contrast to the X3Athey are two small "sliding doors". Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN most important interfaces are installed in the way of a USB 3. Samsung opted for an audio port combo and a proprietary connector that allows connecting RJ45 via an adapter for space reasons. Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN


Generally, a satisfactory array, although a docking port on the device's base and a corresponding HDMI adapter doesn't belong to the scope of delivery. There's no reason for complaint in terms of interface distribution. You however always have to lift the device to access a port due to Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN low and fairly hidden Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN positioning. Though a bit annoying, there's apparently no other solution for this design. Otherwise everything is state of the art with WLAN standard However, the included adapter has to be used for connecting a network cable. Accessories The X1B is delivered in an elaborate packaging made of high-quality cardboard.

Samsung Series 9 11.6" Thread (NP900X1A-A01US)

Besides the laptop and various documentations, a corresponding RJ45 Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN adapter, a recovery and software DVD and a 40 watt adapter with power cord are included in the scope of delivery. The latter is less compact because of the included power cord than the Samsung Serie 9 X3A 's adapter with the space-saving connector system.

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Free Download Samsung NPX1A Series 9 LAN Driver for Windows 7 (Network Card). Samsung surprised us all with the new Series 9 at the Consumer of the art with WLAN standard n, Bluetooth +HS and even Gigabit LAN. The Samsung Series 9 X1B subnotebook's heart is an Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 LAN Core.

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