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In some places we had to dig to a depth of 23 feet to get the required gravity flow. The high water table throws up water even at 8 ft depth at places which has to be pumped out simultaneously for work to continue; all this renders progress slow.

Setup and CNC conversion of a Prazi MD65 or SD Lathe made in east germany

The only two large fertiliser plants in the state are in Paradeep the port town, as most of their raw material is imported. Both PPL and IFFCO have installed improved technologies and have better technical manpower now; not only has dangerous air and water pollution been cut but increasingly more waste water is being reused. The process of the production of DAP has a high pollution potential. Phosphoric acid is produced when the mineral rock phosphate is mixed with sulphuric acid. The phosphoric acid thus produced is again mixed with ammonia gas and DAP fertiliser is ready. The potential water pollutants come from mainly leakages, spillages and washings from the sulphuric and phosphoric acid plants as well as effluents from the captive power plants. Gypsum A Pollution Hazard: The main water pollution concern today is the growing pile-up of gypsum calcium sulphate from the two industries.

For every tonne of sulphuric acid produced, 5 tonnes of phospho-gypsum is generated as by-product. Much of the wastewater of both industries is recycled in Sand Network Systems SandBox SB-CCC1100MF gypsum slurry and settling ponds and infrastructure is in place to arrest overflow.


Sand Network Systems SandBox SB-CCC1100MF The phosphoric acid in gypsum is corrosive to most construction materials. But heavy machinery scooping out settled gypsum damage the PVS lining and cause acid leaks PPL generates 15 lakh tonnes of dry gypsum and is able to sell only a fifth of it. Its gypsum pond dykes are now 15 meters high and can go up to a permissible 35metres. Dry gypsum is used in the manufacturing of cement, plaster of paris and gyp boards; also for amelioration of alkaline soil; Utter Pradesh is a buyer and recently the Odisha government too has announced utilisation of gypsum for this purpose. Maintaining discarded gypsum ponds is a high financial burden; gypsum hillocks are a pollution hazard to which not even developed countries have found a safe solution.

Being a coastal town, the area sees heavy and prolonged rainfall. The DO value varies from 5. The BOD varies from 0. BOD is observed in the range of 0. The Effects of Rourkela Steel Plant Effluents and the Municipal Effluents on the Water Quality of River Brahmani Huge amounts of money has been spent and some effort has been Sand Network Systems SandBox SB-CCC1100MF by the municipalities, industries and governments during the last four decades to enhance the quality of water for domestic and industrial consumption and reduce its pollution. However, very little effort if any has been made by these agencies to keep the general public informed, in simple and understandable terms, as to what this vast effort and investment is achieving, or not achieving, in water quality enhancement.

Increasing industrialization, urbanization, agricultural production and other human activities have caused enormous deterioration in the quality of various natural water bodies, in particular for India and other developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. In spite of considerable self purification capacity of river, unabated disposal of municipal sewage and industrial effluents are deteriorating the quality of river water. The status of river water is very much useful as it determines the physiological lifecycle of plants, animals and human kingdom. Now days direct use of river water for drinking purpose bears significant problem because of the environmental hazards which are always associated with the development of the region.

Industrial processes which consume high quality of water generally discharge wastewater containing a large number of pollutants thereby causing water pollution.

The integrated Rourkela Steel Plant is responsible for generating pollutants which makes their way to Guradih nallah and finally to river Brahmani. The waste water generated from various sections of Rourkela Sand Network Systems SandBox SB-CCC1100MF Plant is treated in primary treatment units existing in different sections. The treated water from different sections flows through the plant and discharge into a nallah called Guradih 10 Proceeding of the National conference on Advances in Water Resource and Environment Research June, nallah through ten numbers of out falls. The combined water transported through this nallah is collected in an oxidation pond known as lagoon. The water spread of the lagoon is about 52 hectors with an impounding capacity ofm3 gallons.

Advances in Water Resource and Environment ...

The effluent of lagoon joins the river Brahmani on the downstream side of Tarkera Pump house. The 64 lagoon acts as a final polishing unit of total waste generated Sand Network Systems SandBox SB-CCC1100MF the steel plant. Effluents from the industrial estates are also discharged to small nallahs, which finally lead to river Brahmani.

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