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They've used the technology developed for their professional video cameras to create Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder compact, easy-to-operate 4K consumer model that's designed to make 4K video and professional-quality audio available to the masses. The FDR-AX1's powerful image processor is identical to the high-performance processors found in Sony's professional video cameras.


By incorporating an image processor that can handle 4K video at 60 fps into a consumer camcorder, everyone will be Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder to document important family moments, get creative with friends, record sporting events and capture the world around them in lifelike detail. The FDR-AX1's native x 4K resolution enables you to create movies with four times as much detail and quadruple the image quality of a Full HD p camcorder. Plus, this model features a back-illuminated 8. This means that even your high-speed action shots and sports videos will be clear, sharp and detailed.

In fact, it can record images at 50 Mbps even when you're shooting in Full HD x resolution. Plus, you can use the relay recording function to switch between XQD slots and lengthen your recording time. Another feature that makes the FDR-AX1 a professional-class consumer video camera is its audio recording capability. It records 2-channel Linear PCM audio with a built-in high-performance stereo microphone. However, the camera also features dual integrated professional-class XLR audio inputs for connecting Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder microphones. You'll even be able to mix audio tracks from the internal microphone with the audio recorded from any connected external mics.

Sony FDR-AX1E Digital 4K Video Camera Recorder FDR-AX1E/B B&H

There are a variety of shot-enhancing functions and manual control options as well. More experienced videographers will be able to take advantage of the independent zoom, focus and iris rings. Plus, the camera's viewfinder and LCD monitor Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder Peaking, Zebra and Center Marker functionality for more advanced shot setup and autofocus options. Other image-enhancing features include three ND filters and five unique Paint functions, which will help you achieve a more cinematic aesthetic with your movies. With the flexible connectivity options, professional-class features, 4K recording capability and ease-of-use, the FDR-AX1 bridges the gap between consumer and professional-class.

While experienced videographers will be able to really produce great video and audio with this model, even ambitious beginners will be able to master this camera and capture professional looking, cinematic Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder video with ultra-clear stereo audio. Capture 4K x p Video at 60 fps This model supports 4K x resolution.

With four times better than Full HD p image quality, you'll be able to capture the finest details at high resolution and produce Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder, realistic images. Plus, the fast image processor is the same one employed in professional Sony models, making it possible to record 60p movies at the camera's full resolution for smooth playback with no loss in realism - even when panning the camera and shooting moving subjects. It's specially tuned to capture subtle qualities of definition and color. In addition, the lens offers a broad 20x optical zooming range with a This Sony technology also makes the camera nimble, so it can read massive 4K data at 60 fps. It rapidly processes signals transmitted from the CMOS sensor and finalizes images.

In processing the vast 4K data in real-time at 60p, the processor Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder four times the resolution of the Full HD p format.


This processor also features high-performance noise reduction for truer images, while image quality adjustment functions support greater freedom of expression. Additionally, there is also an option to record high-quality Full HD p video at 50 Mbps. Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder, a relay recording feature makes it possible to lengthen recording by automatically switching between two or more media options.

Even fast-moving Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder and action footage will be clear and smooth. The expanded color gamut ensures lifelike, vivid colors when you playback your recorded video and still shots. You can also save data from the camera to other media sources like external HDDs. After your footage is edited, you'll be able to upload and share your 4K movies on social media sites like YouTube. You can also mix audio from recordings made using the internal microphone and externally connected microphones, respectively. There are also four filter settings: These filters and settings give users the ability to match shooting conditions, as well as adjust the shutter speed and aperture even on Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder, sunny days.

There are also five paint functions white balance, gamma, detail, skin detail, matrix Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder can be combined and adjusted in the paint menu to create expressive movie styling such as cinematic looks. One is located on the side of the camera grip, while the other is located on the handle. This affords ease-of-use while shooting. The handle also features a zoom button that enables convenient access while shooting from low angles.


There are seven assignable buttons as well, which can be programmed with functions that enable users to quickly access them without Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder menus. Having seven assignable buttons will allow you to adjust to varying shooting conditions on-the-fly. There are also three manual control rings on the camera for focus, iris and zoom.


They'll help you get the cinematic expression you are after. Zebra highlights overly bright areas with stripes in the LCD and viewfinder. This feedback helps users adjust brightness and prevent whiteout, especially on the subject. Peaking simplifies focusing by highlighting in the LCD and viewfinder the areas most sharply in focus. Users can finely adjust the peaking level and choose white, Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder, yellow or blue peaking to clearly contrast with the subject. Discover the new FDR-AX1E video camera powerful enough to record movies in 4K format, then just sit and watch your content on 4K ultra HD TVs & projectors.

Buy Sony FDR-AX1E Digital 4K Video Camera Recorder featuring PAL/NTSC Region Switchable, Record Sony FDR-AX1E Camcorder p Video at 50/60 fps 1/" Exmor R.

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