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So the path to play a song is: The play command is then sent across my home network and then passed wirelessly via my Linksys wrt54g back to TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure running on my iBook. Next iTunes sends a daap command wirelessly through my wrt54g and back to my wired network and on to mt-daapd on my NSLU2.


Mt-daapd sends the requested music across my wired network and then wirelessly through my wrt54g back to iTunes on my iBook which encodes TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure. The encoded music is then sent wirelessly to my Airport Express via my wrt54g and my wired lan. The AirPort Express decodes the music and sends it through the audio output into my stereo. It's really a lot simpler than all of that. Most of it is auto-configuring, but it's interesting to think of all of the data paths that occur to play a simple song. I did a bit of network sniffing to see how commands are sent from TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure Airport Express to iTunes.

TRENDnet Ts-s Network Storage Server TSS eBay

From my limited understanding of the various protocols involved, the commands appear to be sent via the daap protocol from the Airport Express to iTunes. So I suppose that if someone were so inclined, it might be possible to write a remote-control program through a web interface and masquerade as an Express Remote to remotely control iTunes. It's a killer combination. Using the two together, you can play your music library from the NSLU2 straight to your stereo without using your PC as a middleman. Now time to TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure back to the NSLU2!

I've also been playing around a bit with a Kuro Box which is a derivative of a LinkStation. So TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure toys, so little time It makes the addition of new packages easy. For example, it's a one-line command to download, install and configure a small ssh server.

- Trendnet

I've also acquired a Apple Airport Express to experiment with. I've also been experimenting with "Unslung", the community developed firmware that uses the hard drive as a root filesystem freeing up 10 meg of ram and providing an easy way to extend or modify the default behavior of the box. This will provide TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure ability to view boot-time messages from Linux making it easier to work with custom kernels.

Thanks to the development community for providing me with this capability. The sun never sets on the NSLU2 development community. As it gets late or early in one part of the world, developers drop off only to be replaced by their counterparts in another time-zone. The power of open-source at its best. One development in particular caught my eye last week. Using stock TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure firmware you can now interrupt the boot process to boot or burn a user-defined kernel or ramdisk. No hardware modifications needed.


There is apparently a window of a few seconds during the bootloader initialization where a telnet connection to the NSLU2 is possible on port of IP address You can TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure burn the new code to flash or boot it. This means that it is possbile to TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure a box that had a bad flash load or it can be used just for experimenting with new kernels. For more details, check out the NSLU2 mailing list.

You can download my package here 21 Aug Just a quick note. I created and burned a custom flash last night. In addition, I remove the SMB daemons to free up some ram. This is really only a stop-gap solution until we are able to boot a custom kernel. I also tried out the Fedora core 2 TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure this morning.

It's a user-space only distribution but it works! You just un-tar the distro and then chroot into it. This means among other things, TRENDnet TS-S402 Enclosure we can compile on the box itself which may help those packages that aren't easily cross-compiled.

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