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In other words, Mr.

Tyan Transport GS14 Ryan's bosses at the FAA were required to hire at least one preferred minority for every "white" guy they hired. That sounds an awful lot like a "racial quota", doesn't it? Ryan's lawsuit sought to have those policies declared void as a matter of federal constitutional and statutory law. Ryan received exemplary performance evaluations from his bosses at Tyan Transport GS14 Federal Aviation Administration.

Tyan Transport Barebone System B5121G14S2 GS14 (B5121)

He had received numerous awards and promotions during this period, achieving a GS level. GS is a very well-paid government grade job, and since many other federal agencies besides the FAA haven't promoted many white guys to that level. Ryan's Tyan Transport GS14 stalled, the FAA produced an Tyan Transport GS14 "Affirmative Action Plan" which called for "a workforce that looks like America by Supreme Court case law. Ryan's trial against FAA, Larsen provided this testimony as an expert witness for the plaintiff and was joined in his testimony by two other FAA senior managers. The White House had requested such a review of FAA's quota program inand the FAA never conducted the required review of the legality of their quota programs.

The FAA also had no history of discriminatory hiring and promotion patterns against minorities as required by Adarand which could be used to support any claim that it had engaged in ongoing or historic discrimination against women and minorities which would nominally justify a compensatory racial quota program. Thus, under Adarand, the FAA was not able to demonstrate any compelling government interest in its race-based remedial promotion program, a condition established by the U. Supreme Court's leading decision on point fromAdarand Constructors v. The Adarand Constructors case successfully challenged mandatory minority set-asides in federal contracting.

Tyan Transport Barebone System BG14S2 GS14 (B)

In Michael Ryan's case, trial testimony showed that the FAA relied upon manipulated statistics to create the impression that a "lawful" basis Tyan Transport GS14 reverse or remedial discrimination existed, when in fact it did not. DOT's overzealous Tyan Transport GS14 of selected races is clear evidence of racial bias! The NRL designed the first satellite tracking system, Minitrackwhich became the prototype for future satellite tracking networks. Prior to the success of surveillance satellites, the iconic parabolic antenna atop NRL's main headquarters in Washington, D. NRL's spacecraft development program continues today with the TacSat-4 experimental tactical reconnaissance and communication satellite.

Tyan Barebone System BG70W8HR-HE GN70B

Satellite images of severe weather e. Materials science[ edit ] NRL has a long history of contributions to materials science, dating back to the use of Industrial radiography with gamma rays for the nondestructive inspection of metal casings and welds on Navy vessels beginning in the s. Modern mechanical fracture mechanics were pioneered at NRL and were subsequently applied to solve fracture problems in Navy vessels, commercial aircraft and Polaris missiles. That knowledge is in widespread use today in applications ranging from design of nuclear reactors to aircraft, submarines and Tyan Transport GS14 material storage tanks.

The same polymer films are used in Los Angeles-class submarine radomes to repel water and enable radar operation soon after surfacing. NRL then further developed over-the-horizon radar as well as radar data displays. Tactical electronic warfare[ edit ] NRL's Tactical Electronic Warfare TEW Division [38] is responsible for research and development in support of the Navy's tactical electronic warfare requirements and missions. These include electronic warfare support measures, electronic countermeasures, and supporting counter-countermeasures, as well Tyan Transport GS14 studies, analyses, and simulations for determining and improving the performance of Tyan Transport GS14 Warfare systems.

The projects developed by the laboratory often become mainstream applications without public awareness of the developer; an example in computer science is onion routingthe core principle of the anonymizing Tor software.


Nuclear research[ edit ] Nuclear power research was initiated at NRL Tyan Transport GS14 early as[3] six years before the first atomic bomb, for the purpose of powering submarines. NRL is currently developing laser focusing techniques aimed at inertial confinement fusion technology.


After the war, the laboratory developed modern synthetic lubricants [42] [43] initially for use in the Navy's jet aircraft but they were subsequently adopted by the commercial jet industry. In two scientists at the laboratory, Herbert A. Hauptman and Jerome Karlewon the Nobel Prize for devising direct methods employing X-ray diffraction analysis in the determination of crystal structures. Its missions include, for Tyan Transport GS14, Rampant Lion, which used sophisticated airborne instrumentation gravimeters, magnetometers and hyperspectral cameras to collect precise 3D topography of two-thirds of Aghanistan and locate natural resources underground gas and mineral deposits, vegetation types, etc. All the directorates Tyan Transport GS14 headquartered in Washington, D.

Staff[ edit ] Most NRL staff are civilians in the civil servicewith a relatively small number of Navy enlisted personnel or officers. In addition, there are some support Tyan Transport GS14 that work on-site at NRL. There are several different pay-band groups at NRL, each being for different categories of civilian employees.


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